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We play for BlitzCoin, which is an online virtual currency that has real value.


Web / Desktop / Mobile

Play from a web browser, use our desktop client or you favorite mobile device.


Anonymous Play

You never have to give any real information to deposit, withdraw or play on Zombie.


Instant Deposit / Withdraw

Deposits and withdrawals on Poker Zombie are instant using your BlitzCard.

BlitzCoin Poker is Here...Start playing now!

Sign up for a free BlitzCard account and make your first deposit today for a 40 BlitzCoin bonus.

Poker Zombie Basics

Welcome to Poker Zombie
Real online poker is back for US players at Poker Zombie! Create an anonymous account in 30 seconds and start playing today. We are a 100% BlitzCoin Site, so deposits & withdrawals are instant and secure. We offer no-limit, limit & pot-limit Texas Holdem and Omaha ring games as well as multi-table, sit-n-go and heads up tournaments. Our players have the choice of playing from a web browser, our desktop client or playing from a mobile device or tablet.
What is BlitzCoin and How can I get it?
Players on Poker Zombie play for BlitzCoin, which is a virtual online currency that has real value because it can be exchanged for US dollars. You will need a BlitzCard to store your BlitzCoin on and you will use it to deposit / withdraw BlitzCoin from Poker Zombie. Check out BlitzCard.biz to sign up and get started!
How Long Does it take to deposit and withdraw?
Once you have BlitzCoin loaded onto your BlitzCard, depositing & withdrawing from Poker Zombie is instant. Your BlitzCoin is transferred from your BlitzCard to your poker account and when you withdraw, BlitzCoin is transferred from your poker account back to your BlitzCard. You can exchange your BlitzCoin for US dollars on the BlitzCard site or other BlitzCoin exchanges.
Anonymous Poker...No Personal Information Required
On Poker Zombie, you never have to give out any personal information, banking information, send in any photo IDs, water bills or any other form of documentation to withdraw your winnings. We think that's how it should be....

Welcome To Poker Zombie

If you are coming over from Poker Sharkz or Cent Poker & want to keep your same username, just register with that same username/password. Otherwise, you can create a new account.


-Only ring games qualify for the High hand Bonus-


All league games and private tournaments are considered freerolls and cost nothing to play. 

What's Happening On Zombie

Latest League Tournament Results

Winner: SumDumGui out of 4 players - US League 10PM Tuesday
Current League Champs

U.S. League:   RiskyBiz23
Euro League:   edfrazier
The Zombie Horde

  Zombies Online:   0
  Zombies Seated:   0
BadBeat Jackpot

400 BlitzCoins

Current High hand Of The Day - a Flush, Ace high +Q852
Player: peterpan    

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